↘  Our advanced teams are excited to apply their innovative skills to boundary-pushing solo project work, but they also work with a network of industry partners. Making use of synergistic skill sets enables us to harness our collective creativity and technical know-how, ensuring that our projects benefit from the many advantages of collaborative thinking.

Smart Crystal Steering Wheel

Our collaboration with Kurz has just taken another step toward reshaping the future of driving: the new state-of-the-art steering wheel concept. Intricately hand-cut, three-dimensional Swarovski crystals on each side of the central steering-wheel display contain touch-operated sensors that enable the driver to control a range of vehicle functions. Despite the sophisticated technology hidden within them, the crystals are smooth and transparent, anti-reflective and robust, with backlighting that can be color-matched to suit the vehicle interior. As sleek and beautiful as they are intuitive and practical, this is luxury design with cutting-edge functionality.

Driving Brilliance

A collaboration between Swarovski Mobility and Kurz, the expert in plastic surface solutions, offers a glimpse of the future of driving. Recognizing the increasing importance of the interior, we have developed the Human-Machine Interface panel for the cockpit: integrated smart sensor technology enables elegant, touch-operated crystals to create three different interior lighting designs. It’s a shy-tech innovation that delivers luxury aesthetics alongside prestige performance.